Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I couldn't Have done it without all of you...

Five weeks ago I was setting up my room for my new 4th graders ... then 3 weeks into the school year I found out I would be going back to my old school and would have just 2 days to get my room ready for my eager 2nd graders!  I was happy to be going back and especially in 2nd grade, but a little overwhelmed when I knew I would have to take down everything in my room and start all over in only 2 days.  However with the awesome ideas I find on blogs and Pinterest I was able to finish with ease!  I am really happy with how it turned out, I must say it's pretty "bloggerific"  Thanks again to everyone who has inspired me, some ideas were too good to change, so I hope you don't mind I swiped with pride and my kids will truly benefit from all these awesome resources and ideas I am using!

Writing Center -- Idea from Persnickety Pickles

OMG!!!  I loved this the minute I saw it, and I love that my kids talk about being "Peacemakers"  Anyway this idea was way too cute and good to change in anyway so yes I followed every step down to the drawing!  Thanks soooo much to the The First Grade Parade!

 I love these math Key words, and I can't for the love of me remember where I found them, but thanks!!! :-)

My Focus Wall!!

My Leveled Library behind my teacher desk, I sorted all the books from the reading street adoption!  Something I wanted to do, and so glad I did!

Behind the teachers desk!

So you can't see it but I finally splurged and bought a mini fridge!!  Woohoo, it's right below these shelves :-)

A view from behind the teachers desk

YAY!!!  We are Bucket Filler!!  I loved how this turned out and so excited to see my kids writing nice notes to one another and how happy they were to get them at the end of the day ;-)

I hope you enjoyed a little classroom tour and again thanks to all the awesome ideas, I truly couldn't do it without you :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sorry it's been so long...

I wanted to write a long time ago and post pictures of my new room and everything.  But then I would get super busy and didn't have time for much of anything but SLEEP ... anyway like I said things have been crazy, and well I really mean CRAZY!!!  SO for those who followed my blog you know I was displaced last year from my school where I taught 2nd grade.  This was the districts doing not my Principals choice ... so I was upset but came to terms and I was ready for a new journey at my new school and in 4th grade!!  Started the year and everything was going great, new team and co-workers were really welcoming and I was adjusting to 4th grade... then oh yes you guessed it they realized they never should have displaced me and now I am back at my old school ... crazy yes!!  But I am very happy to be back in 2nd where I truly feel my heart belongs ;-)  I am also happy to be back with my good friends and co-workers at my old school.  Soooo now that I am back and getting settled I will hopefully be able to get back into blogging!