Monday, March 21, 2011

That was sooo last week ;-)

I know this was from last week, but I was on spring break and had no pictures to post... so anyway today was back to work and thought I would share my nest from Oh Boy 3rd Grade! Linky Party ...

Here's the GOOD ... 
This is how I organize my lesson plans and all the stuff for that day.
These hold my guided reading books for each of my groups.

And my new found LOVE!!!  This was found on Mrs. Patton's Blog and I loved it so much I ordered as soon as I saw it!!  It's truly amazing I am so glad I got it!!!

A view of the Teachers Area
Behind my desk ...

Here's The not so good ...

This shelf just becomes a drop off place, as many times as I try to declutter, by the end of the day it's cluttered again *sigh*

 Well there you have it -- My Nest!  :-)


  1. THANKS for posting about your NEST!!! better late than NEVER right!!! and I hope you had a great SB!!!

  2. I want that black file thing, where did you get it?