Saturday, March 5, 2011

Meet the Teacher!

My name is Christina, I am a 2nd grade teacher and this is my 2nd year teaching.  I love my job and must say like many other I find it more of a "hobby" than a job!  I am happily married to my wonderful husband Jim and love his son like my own!  We have 2 spoiled little puppies -- Mia & Brittney.  I am originally from Maryland, and my husband is from Ohio (HUGE buckeyes fan!)  And now we live in Corpus Christi, TX ... everyone always ask how we ended up down here ... well he was in the Navy and this is where his son lives so basically we moved here to be closer to his son.  I miss my family and friends a lot, but I visit as often as I can!  One of the perks of being a teacher I get to spend part of my summer visiting family and friends :)  Well I hope to keep up with blogging, I love reading/finding all the awesome ideas from fellow bloggers, so I hope to share my ideas with others as well!

  On our wedding Day!
This was taken during our Disney Trip this past Thanksgiving-- sooo much fun!!

Spoiled Puppy #1-- Brittney
Spoiled Puppy #2 -- Mia

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