Monday, March 14, 2011

My Firts Linky Party!!!

I joined the Classroom photos Linky Party hosted by Always First Grade ...  So excited to participate in my first Linky Party, hope you enjoy a tour of my classroom!

I had this sign made at

Classroom Library...

Beanie Baby Posters for Reading and Comprehension Strategies above and below are from Christina Bainbridge's Classroom!  She is awesome check out her website here for other great ideas!
Target Math --
The front of the classroom
Genre Poster's from Beth Newingham's Website ... another awesome teacher with GREAT ideas!!!
Math games and manipulatives
The "Think Station" this is an idea from Mrs. Bainbridge -- when my students have made a poor choice they go to the think station and fill out a form which makes them reflect on what they were doing wrong and how to make a better choice next time.
This was an idea I found in the Mailbox magazine -- students are able to make their lunch choice as well as allowing me to take attendance to see who isn't here.
Behind my desk ... seems organized now -- I only wish it still looked this way :)
This now has a list of rules we made together as well as all of my students names pledging to follow all the classroom rules!
Clip chart -- used for student behavior!
Hope you enjoyed my classroom tour!!!  Have a Happy Monday :)


  1. Mrs. Petite,

    I had SO much fun looking at your room. I already found something I will be stealing =). I like the plates thing you have. I am going to modify for my class. Thanks for participating!

    Mrs. Ibarra
    Always First Grade

  2. I am so excited to see another second grade blog! However as I looking at your pictures I realized that I have visited your website before since we must both be on second grade teacher's club, too! Love your blog and your classroom :)

    Mrs. Wristbridge

  3. I really like your banner... I think I might order one!

    Colleen Patton
    Mrs. Patton’s Patch

  4. Thank you!! I love vistaprint!!! Glad I was able to share some ideas!

  5. Your classroom looks very organized. We use enVisions Math Florida and Math Investigations in my county! I'd love to hear how your Math Word Wall is organized. Love how large the pictures are!!

    Primary Graffiti

  6. Thanks Cheryl!!! It's actually not a word wall -- its called Target Math, it's aligned with our math curriculum. Basically the students have a worksheet that goes with it, the papers in the clear inserts change every 2 weeks, that's how long it takes to go through one entire set. The WS has questions that go with each set on the board. It's nice because your constantly spiraling as well as lots of exposure to new things. Hope that made some sense!

  7. How did you make your voice level charts. I've seen several on pintrest, but I love your clever wording!!