Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pom Poms!!

So my students have been chatter boxes lately and it's still way too early for that to be happening!!!  Soooooo I decided to change up how my kids can earn their Free Friday.  So heres how it works -- each group has a bucket and when their caught being good or staying on task they earn a pom pom, but the twist is that if they aren't behaving or talking whatever it is then I get the pom pom.  Basically their goal is to have more than me by friday and they get their fun friday!  Seems like no big deal -- oh but having them compete against me seems to make the difference, they don't want me to beat them so all I have to say is Pom pom and they get quiet really quick!  So far so good hopefully it will continue!

So I would Love to hear what you do in your classroom to keep your kiddos on task!


  1. I love this idea!! I think I will be getting some pom-poms this weekend!! Thank you

  2. haha! Love this idea! competitions are always fun. Just found your blog through Teaching Blog Addicts :)


  3. Great Ideas! I've done something similar but I used marbles...I like the pom poms b/c they are quieter but there were times when the sound of marbles scared them to be quiet :)