Thursday, June 2, 2011

Excited for new beginnings!

SO it's official I am moving to 4th grade, I will be at a new school as well ... at first this freaked me out and I was worried about being in a new school with new people ... well I got to meet my new team yesterday and today and they are just AWESOME!!!  It will be bittersweet to leave my old school behind, but I will always keep in touch with the friends I have made.  But I am very excited for next year and the opportunity I have!  On another not I am getting a new blog design from Kristen over at Ladybug Teaching Resources!!  I am sooo excited for my blog makeover can't wait!


  1. Congratulations! Old schools, new schools, it's still little people that need you walking in the door! Enjoy!

  2. I've taught 4th grade for the last 8 years and really like the maturity you don't find in lower elementary. Good Luck. My district just voted for a new elementary building, but I'll have to wait close to 18 months to move---it will be worth it.

    I have a web page...
    along with several blogs...

    Looking forward to your new look.

  3. well the school it's self is actually very old lol, just new for me ;)

  4. I started in 5th grade then moved to 4th, 3rd and finally 2nd (in order!). Each time I was so nervous and then each time I fell in love with the grade level. The only thing I didn't like were the two years I spent out of the classroom as support staff and a specials teacher.

    Will you change your blog title? I just started my blog this year and all I could think was - Watch, I name my blog Sunny Days in Second Grade and I'll end up moving next year! But so far, I'm good.

    Best of luck to you in your new position!

  5. Wow! That's a lot of movement ;) I am changing my blog title as well, at first I was going to change it to something with 4th grade, but then I thought well what if I move again ... so trying to come up with something generic ...

  6. You're going to love 4th grade. I had so much fun this year with my 4th graders-- what a grade age! Can't wait to see the new blog.