Wednesday, July 27, 2011

STAR Binders...

I have seen many posts about the different binders used as communication between school and home.  I used them last year for the first time and they were a HUGE hit.  I did have to invest my own money so I was a little concerned about students loosing them or ruining them since the year before I felt I was replacing homework folder every six week if not more!!  I did not use a 3 ring notebook, but instead found the 3-prong poly folders at staples for 49 cents which is much cheaper than most places.  These held up ALL year long and not one student lost or ruined it!!  The parents loved them and so did I, helped me to keep things going home and coming back from home more organized.  

So last year I called them S.T.A.R Binders (Students Taking Awesome Responsibility).  This year I am going with a animal print theme and might change it up ... here is a website that I found to be helpful for finding different Binder Acronyms.

As soon as I find a new name, I will be sure to post pictures of the new Folders and the components!!


  1. Last year we did FROG binders. it stands for "For Reaching Our Goals." We put our agendas, resource sheets, fluency log, reading log, and goal sheets in them.

  2. WOW! You gals are way more organized than I am...I keep all the checked papers for the week (I have a hanging file folder for each student) and then staple a coversheet on top. The coversheet has any information I want the parent to be aware of and there's a line for the parent to sign that states the papers have been reviewed by the the parent(s). Every two weeks I include grades in papers home...even though our grades are online, there are a few parents who prefer to see grades on paper.

    I send the papers home on Friday and the coversheet needs to be returned by Monday (if the student wants a treat from my jar) or for sure by Thursday when it goes in the grade book as a responsibility grade.

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