Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vista Print

I just placed an order ... it's nothing big, but I am super excited about it!!!  First let me tell you about a super cute blog I found as I was browsing stalking Pinterest ... First Grade Fever  , Christi had an awesome giveaway which I was so excited to receive.  I decided to use them with my Vista Print order!!  She created these really cute Personalized Jungle Posters and postcards, I thought it was perfect for my Jungle/Safari theme I'm doing this year!  Anyway I uploaded them to Vista Print and can't wait for my order to come so i can send my new students their welcome postcards before school starts!!  I ordered a new pen and some business cards too ...  Check out Christi's Blog she has a lot of cute ideas and other freebies on her site!

Medium Poster

Front of Post Card -- 100 Free!

Back of Post Card -- I am sending this to my kiddos, just hope I get it in time (fingers crossed!)

Free Pen

250 Free Business Cards


  1. Did you notice you typed your instead of you're on your postcard? I hope you caught that before you sent it off. Super cute stuff :)

  2. Also, I don't know if you noticed...but if the picture above is what you actually sent off to get printed then the year is wrong. You wrote August 22, 2011. I hope you noticed it before you submitted your order. Other than that, it looks super cute! :)

    Hope you have an amazing school year.

  3. Thanks, but this is a post from last school year, so the date was correct for when I used it! But thank you for looking out!! :)