Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Classroom set up Day 1 & 2

First let me apologize for the picture quality, they were taken with my phone.  I also forgot to take pics when I first got there, but I started with an empty room (minus all the furniture of course) ... this is also a new room for me as I am moving from 2nd to 1st grade!!!

A few posters I made, Inspired from Pinterest!

Start Student Poster!

Before pictures, STUFF everywhere! 

After Pictures begin ... 

Literacy Workstations/ Daily 5 ... We will see how this works out, but I am taking concepts from both books and doing my own things.

Math Stations, can't wait to implement this and STICK with it!

This is where I will store math bins for station work.

Refocus station for when students make poor choices.

AR clip chart to track students points

Writing Center display board.  I LOVE THIS!!!

Word Wall

From behind my desk, this is the first time I actually have a real desk.


A look at the front of the room.

My where are we at display

Hand signals

This will be my guided reading area/small group.

Classroom library, that is still what I have left to tackle when I get back from Vacation!

Student work display bulletin board

Views from the front door: 

Views from the back of the room: 

Work Word Area

That was all done in 1 1/2 days!!!!  I was determined to complete my room, so when I return for the teacher work days I would not be stressing to get my room done.  So I feel very accomplished and now when I get back I can work on my library and other time consuming tasks that await my return.  Now to enjoy one last event before summer is really over ... Myrtle Beach here we come :)


  1. Your class looks AWESOME!!! I had to pin a few things ;)

  2. your class looks awesome...im your newest follower...drop by =)

    Just Wild About Teaching

  3. Would you mind sharing the numbers you used on your "where are we?" magnet board? I have been planning to make this and have all the supplies but need the right size numbers for the gems. If so, please email me at ldcathey@ windstream.net. Thanks! Debbie

    1. Very nice classroom. Who would not want to go to school if the classroom is that clean and organize. Thanks for sharing this. Locksmiths

  4. What a great set of ideas! I am with Debbie and the magnet board. Would love to know how to make the magnets. Thanks! Colleen

  5. Thank you so much for the detailed article