Saturday, March 5, 2011

Best Decision I've Made This Year ...

This is only my 2nd year teaching, and I am learning soooo much as I go!  I kept seeing others post about using a clip chart rather than other forms of behavior charts and I wasn't sure about switching, but man am I glad i did -- I used to use the flip chart where they started on green and then as the day went on they would flip their color down if they were misbehaving.  Well those days are over!!

NOW ... we use the clip chart and it's wonderful because I find myself pointing out the positive behaviors so much more, which is contagious for the kids and they all want to get my positive recognition :)

It's worked wonders in my class!


  1. Yes the clipchart definitely changed my classroom management style too!

  2. I use this too! I love it. The kids really love to move their clip up.