Saturday, March 5, 2011

Classroom Tour ...

This was my room at the beginning of the year -- bare walls and stuff everywhere 

Sign was made from -- you must check this site out of you have not yet, it is awesome!  They have a ton of stuff and you only pay for shipping, check out my website for other things I've made from there!

Awesome idea I found in the mailbox magazine, my kiddos use this to tell me what they want for lunch or if they brought lunch, if they are absent their clip stays on "I'm Absent Today" -- I can easily make my lunch count and take attendance, and help kids be more independent!

Not my design, but I found this from someone on the 2nd grade Teachers Club and I made it into a poster using

This was an old black table from Walmart that my husband was getting ready to trash -- well of course I couldn't let that happen.  I got red and yellow paint and sponge painted the whole thing, now it serves as an extra table for the kiddos when we work in groups or do other activities.
Hope you enjoyed the classroom tour -- I'm already thinking about all the different things I will be doing next year ;)


  1. What kind of paint did you use on the table?

  2. At Home Depot they have the sample bottles, not sure which brand, but they were maybe $2 a bottle! I just had them make the color I wanted using the samples, so much cheaper than buying the huge cans!